Radar Music Videos Reaches Out To Animation Forum

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An exciting opportunity has come up for our members that involves Radar Music Videos.

As part of a membership drive, it’s offering a great treat for the first 3 people to contact them by making 3, 6-month memberships available worth $198.

What actually is Radar Music Videos though? Radar is an online network that enables record labels and DIY artists to find and commission affordable music videos from director talent worldwide.

They post briefs on their site to which directors submit treatments for. This then enables directors to be commissioned by record labels and artists worldwide with budgets ranging from $800 to $8000.

It has a great track record with many directors being commissioned many times through the site as well as establishing long-term commissioning relationships with labels.

It is looking for 2d and 3d animators, motion graphics and graphic designers turned music video directors as well as live action and drama based directors.

Kenny Frankland, a current member, said, “'The exposure a director gets from the site is second to none and I would (and often do) recommend them'. 

For more information visit their website on www.radarmusicvideos.com. Also follow them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RadarMusicVideos) and Twitter on @radarmusicvideo.

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  • Caroline Bottomley
  • 01 Jun 2012, 02:31

Just a note to say we really welcome animators from the West Midlands - hello!

You might be interested to see the most recent commission via Radar - Sundeep Toor's animation for Gang Colours. She's based in the North East of England and has been commissioned by labels and DIY artists numerous times through Radar.
Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_b_N8-R3oc

And thanks very much Animation Forum for the promotion


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