End User Event Returns for 2012

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The End User Event (EUE) is nearly here, arriving in Florin at Utrecht, Netherlands on May 31st.

The annual event lasts for two days and is packed with workshops and master classes by international speakers like Ken Pimental, Joe Gunn and Joe Robins.

There will also be breaks and lunch which provides further opportunities for attendees to mingle, network and share knowledge in an informal setting.

Zap Anderson, mental ray specialist, compares the EUE with USA’s Siggraph (annual conference on computer graphics);

“Don’t you wish Siggraph was 250 of your best buddies, held in a pub and had none of the commercial stuff, but all of the talks? Then you wish you were here.”

Interested and/or are working in the media and entertainment industry? Prices start at €125 and you can register on www.enduserevent.com/registration.

For more information, and a full list if speakers, visit www.enduserevent.com.

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