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Olly the Little White Van by Blink AnimationThe latest animation company to move to Birmingham's popular Fazeley Studios, Blink Animation, are currently settling into their new surroundings whilst working on a myriad of big budget, animated children's TV series' for ITV.

Animation Forum WM caught up with Managing Director Dave Garbett, to welcome the latest animation production studio to relocate to the area.

So, what do Blink specialise in?

Blink specialises in producing high quality animation for children's television and also has a wealth of experience in writing and developing shows. In addition to this, our team can draw on experience from pretty much all sectors of the animation industry from games to effects so we feel confident tackling any kind of service work.

Where might we have seen your work?

Blink is developing a number of shows. The first to air will be Olly the Little White Van. This is a co-production with Ideas At Work and will be screened by ITV at the end of June this year.

Why did you make the move from Kiddermister to Birmingham?

The success of our studio depends on the talent of our artists and we believe that it will be a lot easier to attract talented people to a major city like Birmingham that to a small town like Kidderminster. Add to that the fantastic facilities here at Fazeley Studios and the move became somewhat of a no brainer.

How are you looking to take Blink forward over the next 18 months or so?

We are looking to commence production on two more major projects in the near future and we intend to build on our reputation for producing well-animated, entertaining shows. Our aim is to become one of the country's leading animation studios.

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