Breaking into Animation, Armed with a Crayon!

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Bob the Builder designer and Frankenstein's Cat creator Curtis Jobling will be on hand to illuminate Animation Forum members on breaking into animation as a designer in our next event on 13th January 2011 from 7.00pm at The Studio, Birmingham.

Breaking into Animation, Armed with a Crayon will discuss how to survive as a freelancer in the animation industry, and how to put yourself in the right place at the right time. Curtis will also be on hand to provide insights into some of the best-loved animated children's characters.

The event, assembled by AFWM and BSeen – an entrepreneurship programme for Birmingham-based final year students and graduates – is the first of a series of joint events in early 2011 looking to help young animators on their way into their career.

The event is free and open to animators and designers of all levels, and includes free drinks and refreshments, a Q&A with the Warrington-based animation designer and a chance to chat with fellow animators at The Studio's city centre venue. Directions to the venue can be found here.

To attend, please RSVP via the Facebook event page.

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