Animation Forum WM Secures Screen WM Funding

by Gareth Davies | | Category: News | Permalink

Animation Forum West Midlands is pleased to announce that it has secured funding from Screen WM for the coming year. This means that as well as continuing to provide the latest regional animation news online, jobs via the newsletter and central point of contact for the region's animation sector, the Forum will run at least ten events between now and this time next year.

Founded in early 2006, the initial funding for AFWM by now defunct funding agency Digital Central ended in late 2007. Since that time, Animation Forum WM has continued to exist on a very low budget basis through funding from a mix of ERDF, HEIF and Birmingham City University.

We're going to running a whole host of activity over the coming year, including masterclasses, screenings and exhibitions to accompany the informal networking events. But, to help us plan what would be useful to AFWM members, we'd really like to hear from you.

So, this discussion thread on Facebook has been created to allow AFWM members to discuss what they'd like to see in AFWM events. Do you have any great ideas for events that you know other animators would love, or is there a particular topic or skill that you'd like a masterclass to cover in detail? Please let us know using this discussion group.

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