New Training Scheme for Broadcast Freelancers

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NTI Birmingham is launching a new two-day course that you might be interested in.

If you’re a graduate who’s currently or planning to be a broadcast freelancer and are looking to professionalise your career, then this course is perfect for you.


Animators Establish Studio Straight After Graduating

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After graduating from university, most students wouldn’t know where to begin in setting up their own company from scratch. Animation specialists Sector5 Studios are the product of four up and coming individuals, who wanted to take their careers into their own hands by doing just that.

“We were talking about it casually during university but we discussed the idea more seriously during our third year. There were originally five of us hence the name ‘Sector5’ [due to commitment issues one member had to leave the team but they remain good friends]. The name however, stuck with us” said Ravi Maheru, 3D Animator for Sector5 Studios.


Animation Studio Moves to Birmingham

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Olly the Little White Van by Blink AnimationThe latest animation company to move to Birmingham's popular Fazeley Studios, Blink Animation, are currently settling into their new surroundings whilst working on a myriad of big budget, animated children's TV series' for ITV. Animation Forum WM caught up with Managing Director Dave Garbett, to welcome the latest animation production studio to relocate to the area. [More]

Local History

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Recently picking up the Audience Award for Best Humour at the Babelgum Animation Film Festival 2010 for his stop-motion animated, viral short – The History of Denim, Drew Roper runs the appropriately Black Country-coined Yamination Studiosfrom his studio at Light House, Wolverhampton. The History of Denim features the vocal talents of Mark Williams from the Harry Potter films, as Black Country foundry worker Johnny Roper tells us 'The TRUTH about denim.'Graduating from Southampton Solent University in November 2009, Drew chats about his recent festival win, bagging an all-star comic hero for the voice-over, and how his first professional commission evolved with Animation Forum West Midlands. [More]

Animating Africa United

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Popular kids road movie Africa United is currently riding high in the UK top 10 thanks to a good reception from audiences and critics alike, but it may come as a surprise that part of the film was animated in the West Midlands. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Carse & Waterman animated an already critically acclaimed, stop-motion dream sequence of the film, in which three children trek across Africa to try and get to the World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa. Intrigued, we quizzed AFWM member Gary Carse from Carse & Waterman about their involvement in this high-profile project. [More]